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Welcome to the Teconja Shipping Company

Teconja Shipping Company is an owner-operated company founded in 1994 in Hamburg, Germany. Today, we have four employees in our operational division.

Our core areas of expertise are the international transport of liquid foodstuffs in liquitainers and flexitanks, as well as a complete range of logistic services to Eastern Europe. Rounding off our range of services, we offer transport to Central Asia, the Middle East and the Caucasus region, making use of all shipping methods.

Even though our field of operations extends worldwide, we handle both sales and operational business directly from our individual branch offices.

Where necessary, we have cooperative partners located in many countries, ensuring the availability of a complete door-to-door range of services.

Competence throughout our whole range of services!

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For transport requests please contact our staff, preferrably via E-Mail::

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